An Unknown Friend

Hello readers,how are you all??I feel happy to share this post with you after a long time.Well,let me get into the topic right away.👇

Hey..wait a second!!Before I move into the topic,I would like to ask you a question,”Have you anytime found a friend in an unknown person?”Confused?😉What I mean to ask is “Have any unknown person helped you in life like a friend and disappeared in a while??”Yes..I think many of us might have experienced it in our lives.Let me such experience here.

In 2014,I used to go jogging early in the morning to a nearby park and being a fitness enthusiast,naturally got attracted to the yoga classes conducted free in the park premises by a few elder people.

At first,I was surprised to see many older people than youngsters there and that too in the chilling cold,patiently doing whatever the instructor instructs them to do.I was more fascinated to learn yoga on seeing these elder people with great determination.

So,I along with two other friends joined the classes.I was more surprised by the warm welcome of all the members to naive people like us.Even though they didn’t know us well,they started talking like they knew us since childhood and one can never forget such type of greetings from unknown people especially,as they know nothing about us but still greet us affectionately.

I hardly attended two classes and then an Octogenerian approached me and handed over a book of yoga and meditation and asked me to keep it with me until I learn the asanas well and then return it later on.I thanked that Grandpa and happily took the book.

After that I hardly attended the classes for a couple of weeks and then I had to shift from that place for various reasons.I went to the park many times to just give the book back to that Grandpa.But I never saw him.It’s been 3yrs and 2018 is yet to start in a couple of days!!But everytime I see the book in my shelf,I remember him and smile.

I don’t know real Santaclauz exists or not.But I can feel his existence in the form of people like this Grandpa,who come into our life for no reason and then disappear doing something good to us.By the way,that book is still with me 😉🙂. That’s it friends,would like to hear “your unknown friend” stories as well .Bye 👋


A Comeback….post

Hello readers, sorry for not being here for several weeks. Hm…yeah but I am here now with an interesting topic….so let me begin,.haha 😊

Well, recently I have interacted with many women from almost 10 diverse back grounds…or may be more. But what  my point after the interaction was that none of the women had an investment on their own self all these years(I mean years since their birth to till date ).Hahaha….confused 😜??Read further to know what I meant investment was.

Hm….yeah you heard it right.Investment here means giving time to one’s self while handling responsibilities.Sadly, women are the ones who are badly affected, when it comes to investing time for themselves. During my interaction, many women shared their experiences on losing their jobs for the responsibility of parenting, gender bias in work place, obsessive family traditions which make women more weaker than stronger,lack of encouragement from family especially husband(I am talking about married women).Anyway I am not married yet 😎

So….after that interaction,recently I have seen a video,where women who have carved out their niche out of the above said difficulties need to be rewarded for their exemplary courage and leading life in a passionate way. I really felt happy to see something like this.So here I am today, to share this piece of information with you all. Let’s share this friends so that someone somewhere gets rewarded for their hardwork and in turn transform others lives as well. Hoping for a better change….click on the below link and do share your views if any.

Thanks &Regards


Happy Women’s Day….

Hello readers,

How are you all? ?Sorry….I was busy with some exams…and couldn’t be here. Anyway, people I am here with my post again…wishing all the women International Women’s Day first of all.Let me begin now…haha

Recently I have seen a short film called “Natyam”.I have to say you people I really liked it very much. It was something very touching to me and in fact not only to me I guess, to every woman indeed. Let me tell you all about the film….😊

It’s about the story of a woman who is passionate about dance and music and who eventually falls in love with one guy who is as passionate as her and supports her in her interests.Eventually the woman’s dad disagrees her love and compels her to marry someone whom he chooses.She succumbs for the affection and respect towards her dad and gets married.Seven years pass by and she will dedicate her life for the family, her child, husband not thinking of anything about her passion. But she will be always yearning to talk to her dad and tell him how she was with the decision he has taken for her life.

One day she writes a letter to her dad, in fact a very touching kind of letter expressing her pain in life. She yearns for the affection of the person she loved once. She discloses this, only to her dad because he knows about her love.He feels pity for her  and gets emotional reading her letter.

On one of her birthdays, Shakthi -the person she loved meets her and questions her of her passion, why she has left dance & music and she answers she is married and have lot of responsibilities. Then he inspires her to start her life again with dance and gifts her “the anklets -siri muvvalu ” and wishes her.

She gets inspired and starts all over again and becomes a professional in dance and seeing her passion, her husband supports her and gives her identity and the most touching words for me in the film were “every woman yearns for their identity in family, and if they are given some they can do wonders and make the family a sweetest one”. .

You can click on the above link and watch it as well..haha its really nice. Okay….see you bye, have a nice day ☺



My Fantasy….

Hello readers, am ready with an interesting topic today also.So why linger…come on we can just look into “My fantasy”.The title here doesn’t only suggest my fantasy I meant to say that “My “is for everyone who has a fantasy….😊Confused? ?😜Let’s check into the topic 👍

We all have fantasies being human beings.The only difference is that they vary from person to person. For example:”I might have a fantasy to sleep On The Moon one day and someone might have a fantasy to revolve around the Earth in their life time”.They might be real or imaginary. Some might happen and some may not at all.That’s why they are called “Fantasies”.Boring…😜??Seems like am demonstrating   a practical experiment right? ?Hahaha….😁

Here I go,I would like to tell about my fantasy for life. It means “What I want, How I want something to be”.My fantasy is “To live in a world where my eyes blink only with the touch of the heavenly  early morning Sunrise giving me a soft touch like a feather giving ticklish sensation so that my day starts gently with a smile 😊

After wakingup, looking out of the window beside my bed with blanket still covering me as a trademark for lethargy to getup from bed and observing the fruits, flowers and birds perched on trees which gives a lively feel that brings a cute expression to my face.Soon after that I wake up because now my heart compels me to get out of the bed due to the lively effect it gets.

Once I am out of bed I wander  along the small corridor of my Wonderful Tree House amid Forest and observe the birds chirping,animals fighting each other in a playful mood, flowers blossoming fragrance coming from all around naturally floating in the air, my heart saying a deep message called “Thanks to Nature”for the feel.

Once I am done with the  mundane things like brushing and fresh in thought, I would like to have something as to suffice my hunger.Just then a monkey comes to me and handles me the apple it plucked from the tree as it understood that am hungry. How nice it would be? ?😘Animals will always love unconditionally unlike humans even though they don’t have a language to express, their nonverbal communication itself makes them understand what their loved ones want.

Once I am done with eating, I will need a pond to swim where all the animals like elephants have their lovely bathes,ducks cuddling,Lotuses blooming in varied colors.I meditate under a tree breathing the fresh air.Hm…..feeling like another world right? ?hahaha…that’s why I said fantasy….anyway apart from the filmy imagination let me put my fantasy in short here-“A world full of forest lush green, with freely moving animals and happily singing birds,people with lovely soul and Godly hearts,no hunger -no strikes and only peace, with people  independent  in ideas and living closely together in realty,no jealousy -no hatred and only appreciation,No violence -no discrimination and only Unity,no cry -no misery and only happiness. More than all Happiness in its real sense having lively flavour not the artificial one.”


Hm.,many more such feelings…”.Interesting? ??😜Please don’t forget to  share your fantasies people. Ummm..Thank you ☺Have a nice day…..

Chanakya….The Guru

Hello readers…hm.,here is something nice to share today.

Coming to the post -I came across a book in my self called “Chanakya Neethi” today. Felt like reading and opened it. (Of course I have read it once before).Here I have mentioned I have read it before because not all books we feel like reading again, right? ?

I being a book lover, I feel like reading a book whenever I feel bored or so.Sometimes it so happens that we will be having some problem and by chance we get to  read a book and it gives the solution to the problem interestingly. Sounds strange right? ?But it’s true. I have had many such experiences.haha….😊

Well, now let me tell about the book Chankya Neethi. I coming from a conservative family have always wondered since childhood, “Will there be a book to tell us how we have to be in our day to day life .Has anyone written something of this sort? ?If yes,will books written some where in the past help us to deal with the problems we face today??”

To my surprise, and if I say you won’t believe people, after reading Chankya Neethi, I got many doubts clarified.Hahaha…..feeling like reading it ??😜

In the book, Chanakya describes a man to be like a cock.Confused? ?😉Haha. ..let me explain.As per Chanakya, one should be like a cock to wake up early in the morning, being loyal to his boss,fight fiercely for its share even with the brother, giving right time for the body to rest. In addition he also gives good description of various other qualities as well.It’s useful to whoever reads it.

I gave the title as Chanakya -the guru, because we all know him as the guru of Chandra Gupta Mourya.But here I felt he should be the guru to all for his exemplary ideas given to the world which actually give solutions to many societal problems that exist even today. Hm.,that’s it…liked it? ?Happy reading ☺and have a Happy Sunday 😊😁


At a kid’s birthday party…….

Hello  readers, am ready with my post again…..This time regarding the fun in the childhood-a precious gift God has ever given to anyone.

Coming to the point, I was at one of my student’s birthday party last night.The party went on well with some dances,dj,fun session etc. ,.But what  I was interested in was the food that was served after that gala time.After a sumptuous dinner,I had a delicious jamun and icecream mix which was so tasty….ummm.

Next was the cake cutting event. So everyone were at the cake cutting in a standing pose.I was also present there at some corner with the kids surrounding me.Very near to the cake were smaller kids curiously waiting for the cherries and carvings on the cake.I observed them and thought “what if one of them falls over the cake in haste”??haha…somehow fortunately that didn’t happen and cake cutting was done with music and songs in the background.Soon after cutting, the little ones standing near the cake, started picking the chocolates on the cake by hand unbothered of anything in the world -as if their only target is that.:)

I wished the kid and I too got  a piece of cake.Just when I was about to eat it….,a child came to me and asked “Ma’m are you going to eat the cake? ?”.I said ,”Yes dear.Why not? ?Ohh…you want this to eat? ?Then take it “I said. Then he said, “No ma’m I don’t eat that”.I asked “why”??.

His answer really mesmerised me…haha.He said “Ma’m we should never eat a cake at a kid ‘s birthday party because while blowing out the candles,they will use all their blowing power to put off those sparkling candles.With how much force they do it, that much forcefully the saliva comes out of their mouths and gets spit on the cake. Err…We should eat that cake only.So I don’t want”.What an explanation!!I really felt bad at eating the cake after such an explanation haha….But after  a while I asked that boy, “Then where is the cake that you got ??You threw it somewhere? ?”.He said, “No ma’m, I just had it “.😁😃

Finally I got the child hood stinct in him in doing all this fun.I felt nostalgic thinking of my childhood after this for a moment.But finally not in a mood to eat the cake after such a hilarious encounter and heavy meal.I decided to give the cake to some one outside and gave it,.

The catchy thing here is how intelligent the children are and how funny and naughty  at the same time. This is the gift that God has given everyone “Childhood” which is the best part to cherish memories…hm that’s it. Thank you 🙂

Sensory Testing….Food Taste

Well,am ready with another blog people..this time something related to food.Here it goes…:)

When I get bored,I have this habit of watching some recipes on Internet and of course I would never try :p imitating them. Today when I was doing this, suddenly an idea striked in my mind that “How about a job only for tasting the food??” and googled the same.To my surprise I got dime a dozen pages open telling about this. Hahaha,then I thought “who is that lucky person who is being paid for eating on Earth where there are people dying to pay for eating”. A bit synical and contradicting,but true.

Then I opened one of the top pages of my search results and pondered on to read and paused when I read the word called “Sensory Testing Companies”and in some kind of awe I thought “how nice to hear something like this because they are the companies who really understand the essence of human life i.e food ” and also wondered how many people have the same thought like me i.e food tasting.As I continued to read I came across many names of such companies as well.Some directly hiring food tasters giving different names like sensory tester, sensory lab technician etc. ,.

Having read almost everything and was about to finish reading I came  across a paragraph titled “Qualifications “which had only 3 simple things like the age above 18,should have a sound understanding of taste and willing to taste, no food allergies.Quite simple right! !! Even I thought these are the best qualifications I have ever read…hahaha and finally got into my work after having read something different like this. Okay that’s it friends will be ready with some other topic again Thank you 🙂

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